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We offer a painless percutaneous (skin) testing. A non-invasive environmental allergy testing process (no needles involved, no blood draw required). We prefer the skin testing because it is tolerated better by patients and it also allows us to provide the patient with immediate results as opposed to waiting on a lab for blood test results. All of the pertinent literature published by AAAAI and ACAI show that skin test results and blood test results are virtually identical in accuracy.

Patient gets interviewed and assessed by Immunotherapy Nurse regarding their ‘classical’ (itchy watery eyes, runny nose, persistent cough, sneezing, etc.) symptoms and ‘non-classical’ (fatigue, restlessness, yeast infections, dry skin, brittle hair, racoon eyes) symptoms.  If the patient answers yes to more than 3 of the questions, there is a 90% likelihood that the patient will test positive for allergic disease.  The testing is simple.  We apply 80 environmental allergens to the patient’s skin via applicator. This is a surface test. We do not break the skin nor do we inject under the skin. We wait for approximately 15 minutes to determine reactions. If the patient is allergic to a specific allergen, their skin will form a wheal.  The size of each wheal is measured to determine severity of allergy. The results of the test are then analyzed via CLARITY software and official full array allergen results will be available for the patient to review immediately after the test. Digital and hard copies of results will be provided.

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