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Is there anything I need to know before I do the allergy test?

     Do not take any anti-histamines at least 48hours before the test because it will yield erroneous results.


Does the allergy testing hurt?

     The test is literally painless. No needles involved. No blood draws.


How long does the allergy test take?

      The testing will run for 20minutes

When do I get my results?

       Results are immediate, right after the 20minute allergy test.

How long does the program take?

       The duration of the complete program is 9months

Will I have allergies after going through the program?

       No, you will be completely desensitized and immune to your allergies.

When will I start feeling better?

       Normally people start feeling better after a couple of weeks.


Will the program help with my Asthma?

       Yes. Allergies are most of the time precursors to Asthma and Asthma attacks.

When can I start Immunotherapy?

        After testing, It takes a week to manufacture your customized serum.

Are there any side-effects to Immunotherapy?

        No side effects because the serum is non-synthetic. Non-pharmacologic based technology.


What is the efficacy rate of Immunotherapy?

        85% is the success rate for Immunotherapy. The other 15% is program non-compliance.

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