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  "Healing from the inside."



Allergy immunotherapy is an escalation program that works by giving repeated low concentrated doses of an allergen, thereby stimulating an immune response in the body which causes the patient to build up an immunological tolerance. Immunotherapy works by stimulating your immune system so that it learns not to react to specific allergens. Over time, it actually modifies your allergy, offering long-term benefits of not living with your allergy symptoms and not needing symptomatic remedial medication (Claritin, Zyrtec, Flonase, etc.) at the end of the program.

Results of the allergy test are analyzed and a custom desensitization serum is then prepared for the patient to optimize the benefits and efficacy of the treatment. Immunotherapy tailored to the individual patient’s results is aimed to modify the allergic disease itself and bring the patient to a non-reactive state. Patients have the option of either having their serum administered in-office by an Immunotherapy Nurse or self-administered at home, in which case the patient is counseled and educated with the proper technique on administration of the serum. Monthly appointments are scheduled to monitor progress, ensure program compliance and also to determine if any modifications are needed to the serum to allow more tolerance of the therapy.

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